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Planned Breeding autumn 2021


 Exelion Forever Yours "Molly"


 Bergegården's Lord Of Olympus "Lennox"




2021-04-01: Great Results on Bergegården's Seaplane McDonough "Jack" HD: B ED: 0 

2020-10-30: Great Results on Bergegården's Little Strawberry "Duschess" HD: B ED: 0 

2019-09-01: Great Results on Bergegården's Sleeping Aurora "Nova" HD: B ED: 0  &  Bergegården's Belle The Beauty "Bejban" HD: B/C ED: 0!

2019-02-01: Puppies are born!

2018-01-25: Puppies are born!

2017-11-25: New Breedingplan!

2017-08-11: Resultat Uppdaterade på Bergegården's Mushu The Dragon

2017-16-18: Puppies Are Born!

2017-06-10: Bergegården's Mushu The Dragon debuterade i Rallylydnad som resulterade i en första plats!

2017-04-13: New Breedingplan!

2016-10-26: Great Results on Bergegården's Lord of Olympus "Lennox" HD/A ED/0  &  Bergegården's son Of Titan "Casper" HD/B ED/0

2016-05-05: Puppies are born! 

2016-02-09: New Breedingplan Spring 2016

2015-12-25: New familymember, Welcome Soluslinger Missisippi Mama Mia "Silly".

2015-06-12: New result updates Bergegården's Devil In Disguise, Bergegården's Fantasy Or reality.

2015-03-15: Puppies are born 2015-02-17

2014-11-02: New Banner! Thanks to Jenny Arkko for a great job!

2014-11-02: New Pictures and uppdate on puppies pedigree, Breedingplan 2015

2014-10-12: New Breedingplan 2015

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